Elvenor's locomotives

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Elvenor's locomotives

Post by Trainzsam »

Can anyone tell me where I might be able to get Elvenor's gmaxes for his D&RG steam locos? As elvenor is sadly no-longer alive, and his website is down, could someone E-mail them to me? I wish to make an 0-6-0st out of one of them. Thanks.

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Post by Pencil »

I don't know that he ever made those available. I have the set of GMAXes he released, and it only includes people, horses, and wagons.
Not to say he didn't release the locomotives seperately, however.

Another option might be modifying one of bdaneal's locomotives - he has DSP&P Cooke 2-6-0 #71 (an 3' guage 2-6-0) on his site (http://www.steammachine.com/bdaneal/dl.htm). There's a chance he might let you modify that.
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