Using MicroDEM in Trainz to create elevation maps

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Using MicroDEM in Trainz to create elevation maps

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Howdy all. As you may remember, I have been working on a project a while back to recreate the little-known narrow-gauge railroads around Calico Ghost Town and nearby Daggett in Trainz 12 for a project I'm working on regarding the history I preserve in the region.

For those not familiar with my work, here is a link to my thread for it:

I am currently attempting to consolidate a DEM map of the entire region of the Calico Mountains inbetween Calico, Borate, Yermo, Lead Mountain, Barstow and Daggett to get all the land inbetween the points listed in the easiest way possible for me. I do have TransDEM yes, but I have attempted to use the program several times and I am not able to figure it out. Instead I went for an option to use an apparently outdated tutorial using programs called MicroDEM and HOG to generate the data.

The tutorial link can be found here:
http://freepages.misc.rootsweb.ancestry ... errain.htm

Using the tutorial, I was able to create a fine map of the Daggett Quadringle, which is unfortunately south of the locations I'm trying to get in MicroDEM, and it was able to produce the terrain just fine. However, the elevation color diagram and the scale ruler have also been rendered to the terrain, along with the gridmarks and makes the terrain uneven.



The map as listed in MicroDEM before processing into Trainz:


The tutorial is just fine for following, but it seems the program has now outdated the tutorial and a few steps have to be followed differently to get the result you're needing. I would like to know if anyone still uses the MicroDEM method to get DEM maps into Trainz, and are able to do so efficiently for the most recent build of Trainz (I use SP1, build 61338). Also, how would you be able to get rid of the grid lines and scales without photoshopping the map, cause for my project I need accurate DEM maps as close to real life as possible.

Plus, how would you also be able to get TIGER data into the map properly without it showing blank? I have tried to do so with the Daggett map but no lines have shown up in MicroDEM, and is neither rendered into the Trainz map. If anyone would be willing to offer me tips, advice or criticism on how to use the MicroDEM to Trainz method properly, it would be such a big help for the massive project I'm undertaking.
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Re: Using MicroDEM in Trainz to create elevation maps

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I'm sorry; I haven't used MicroDEM for a very long time. Good luck, though!

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