Hello guys. It's been awhile.

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Hello guys. It's been awhile.

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Hi all,
Thought I'd jump back into Trainz again after running MSTS for the past few years. I've always liked Trainz.
Has everybody upgraded to the latest version?
I'm still running '04 but will be upgrading to '09 later next week. I have no internet at this time and I understand the later versions need the net to run. My '04 version runs just fine without the net. I have all the assets needed to run my old route and have no missing assets. I believe '09 will work the same.

Sooooo, how is everybody???
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Re: Hello guys. It's been awhile.

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Hey Rick!

Sorry I missed your post. Yeah, most versions of Trainz need the Internet. There is (or was) a version of TANE that didn't need the Internet, but I don't know if it is still available or not.

Welcome back!!

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