Lighting effects for Trainz 2010

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Lighting effects for Trainz 2010

Post by TheTwistedmind »

Yes I do know I'm using a far out dated version of the game, but it's the only game I am really satisfied with because of the compatibility mode. And besides my computer needs a huuuuuge up date to run Tane and 2019 haha.

That aside. I was wondering if there was away to get the lighting effect to work in the cab of my locomotives.

Elvenor's coaches switch to night time mode, so I was wondering if there was a I can sort of replicate that, but with a better glowing effect.


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Re: Lighting effects for Trainz 2010

Post by Pencil »

Nice model! I like your new crew meshes, also!

Would a regular night mesh work? You *might* need a little script to show / hide the day and night meshes, though. As I remember (and it's been far too long since I've worked with night lighting) the day mesh is still shown when the night mesh is visible, so that may cause some clipping otherwise.

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Re: Lighting effects for Trainz 2010

Post by Trainboi »

That is indeed the case - usually I just put the nightmode for windows slightly outside the original glass position - a quarter inch or so prevents them from flickering.
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