C & C Shaft drawings - Virginia City NV

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doug s
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C & C Shaft drawings - Virginia City NV

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Has anyone ever seen drawings of the works / mill of the C & C Shaft Company that formerly occupied most of the blocks bounded by Union, Sutton, L, and O Streets in Virginia City? I'm particularly interested in elevations and sections. One consideration is that the works changed quite a bit over time, but drawings from any era would be helpful.

Included screenshot is from a Google Earth rough mockup to help clarify what I'm talking about. The georeferenced map draped on the DEM surface are 1890 Sanborn sheets, various buildings appear as 3D boxes, and the red lines represent V&T trackage drawn from georeferenced instances of valuation maps dated June 1916. Mount Davidson occupies most of the far background. The mill I care about is the one with the four prominent stacks in the near foreground.

Included photographic images are lo-res copies of Carleton E. Watkins glass plates exposed in 1876, again to help people recognize the mill I'm talking about.

If drawings are known to exist, great. If we can conclude that they apparently aren't known, then I can generate them by scaling from images.

Thanks everyone.
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Re: C & C Shaft drawings - Virginia City NV

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Hi Doug,

I have, unfortunately, not seen any drawings of the C&C Shaft (other than the footprints in the Sanborn maps). I think scaling from images is likely your best bet.

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